Care Coordination

Hospice Care, synonymous with palliative care or comfort care, refers to a coordinated plan such that patients with a terminal illness are made comfortable without the intent of prolonging suffering or reversing the underlying illness. The end of life is a part of life and the opportunity to offer complete comfort in the home is immeasurable. In the setting of comfort care, every attempt is made to avoid hospital visits, undesired tests and futile treatments. NOLA Doc offers New Orleans Hospice services with personalized care for each patient and their family. Our team ensures appropriate resources are in place, family and care givers are educated and, of course, that patients are comfortable. A local hospice agency is often involved in these instances to provide additional care, necessary supplies as well as emotional support for patients and family members.

Hospital Consultation Services: Occasionally, illness requires hospitalization or admission to the intensive care unit. NOLA Doc offers hospital consultations to educate and support patients and family members while acting as a liaison between family and hospital physicians. These services allow patients and family members to get a second opinion and to better understand what’s happening with their illness and their hospital course. Once on the road to recovery, the transition from hospital to home is most frequently where “the ball is dropped” in health care today. Our services allow for a continuum of care between hospital and home allowing for peace of mind that patients are a) ready to go home and b) will get the best care possible upon their return home.

General Consultation Services: Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for illness to progress into a chronic condition without satisfactory evaluation, diagnosis or resolution of symptoms. NOLA Doc offers in-home medical consultation services. This includes an initial house call visit by a physician to better understand the details of a patient’s history and to review all medications and prior laboratory and imaging studies. After in-depth conversation and an appropriate physical examination, recommendations are provided and a plan of care is generated for the future. Direct communication with other involved physicians promotes the collaborative health care team. As patient advocates, we offer second opinions and help both patients and family understand how health care works and what to expect for the future of a particular set of medical circumstances. Follow up visits are arranged as needed to ensure the proper care continues.

Homebound patients who are physically handicapped and/or permanently bed bound often have great difficulty receiving appropriate medical care. It takes tremendous effort for these patients to make it out of the house and often, they are unable to see any provider without a trip to the hospital. Our services ensure homebound patients have all the supplies, medicine, and support needed to remain safe and healthy at home.