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Our Primary Care Services

Homebound Patients

For those who have great difficulty leaving the house, we'll take over Primary Care responsibilities. This includes regular visits from the doctor, medication management and testing when appropriate.
In addition, we recognize the value of communication amongst members of the healthcare team and make it a point to connect with other providers and specialists.

Hospice Care

NOLA Doc offers palliative care services with personalized care for patients and their family. Our team ensures appropriate resources are in place, family and care givers are educated and, of course, patients are comfortable. A local hospice agency is often involved in these instances to provide additional care, necessary supplies as well as emotional support for patients and family members.

Care Coordination

NOLA Doc offers in-home medical consultation services for acute and chronic conditions. Our in-depth evaluations include a thorough history, review of pertinent prior records and an appropriate physical examination. We arrange for any additional testing as needed and provide detailed treatment recommendations with an ongoing plan of care. Following our visits, we communicate directly with other involved clinicians to maintain collaboration amongst the entire healthcare team.

Chronic Anxiety

For most psychological conditions, evaluation and treatment in the home is more effective than in a clinic or emergency department. This is especially true for anxiety. Through ongoing care, we offer a thorough evaluation as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional support and counseling on nutrition, supplements and medications. All aspects of the anxiety treatment plan work in concert to control acute anxiety, reduce the baseline of anxiety and prevent future attacks.

Unrestful Sleep

We recognize the value of restorative sleep and provide in-depth consultations to get to the bottom of our patient's sleep disturbance.


In addition to our dedicated opioid dependence program, we offer counseling for smoking cessation, alcoholism and other habit-forming substances/activities.

What Our Patients Say

This service is just what we were looking for when taking my mom to the doctor was too hard on her. Dr. Berenson is the best!
Exactly what everyone should want in a doctor. Smart, knowledgable, thorough, and focused on the whole solution.
Dr. Berenson has done more in one week than the past 3 doctors did in two years. I can go back to work and worry less.
Don j.
Dr. Mark is the only Doctor I've worked with since my family Dr. when I was a child that I could ever say I had 100% trust in.
Dr. Berenson exhibits a fantastic bedside manner with my elderly mother and is the answer to a caregiver ' s prayers concerning the difficulties of getting the patient to the clinic. Highly highly recommend this long awaited service!