Homeward bound: Local services deliver what you need, right to your doorstep

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Mark Berenson, the founder and medical director of NOLA Doc, is a house call physician who meets with local and visiting clients in the comfort of their homes or hotels.

“If it’s appropriate for them to be seen outside of an ER or a hospital, I’ll go see them, assess them and just figure out what’s going on and provide treatment onsite,” says Berenson, describing his business as “urgent care on the move.”

He also assists elderly patients and others on an ongoing basis.

Berenson graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine, trained in California’s Bay Area hospital system and worked as an emergency room doctor for 10 years. He says he enjoys being out and about while visiting patients, rather than under the fluorescent lights of a hospital.

“I get to spend time with people in their environment,” Berenson says. “You really learn a lot about someone when you’re in their environment. You learn not only what they’re saying, but how they’re living. You pick up a lot of clues as to what’s going on with them.”